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Rubbish Removal Services

At A Amigos, we offer a variety of services to both our residential clients as well as our strata and commercial clients.

Our services range from office cleaning, rubbish and waste reduction to lawn care and mowing services.
Our Sydney Rubbish Removal Team is well equipped with the right tools and most of all the right attitude.

We provide services to:

* Household domestic removal
* Strata Cleaning
* Commercial Cleaning
* Garden and Lawn Care

Garden Rubbish Removal:
For the rubbish removal of Garden waste or services such as Tree branches, Tree stumps, edge clipping, mowing, weeding and other Garden waste removal A-Amigos has a solution to solve your Garden waste or service needs.

For an obligation free quote call A Amigos on 0412 278 933

Household Waste Rubbish Removal:

For the rubbish removal of unwanted Medical waste such as single beds, medical waste containers, medical devices and other medical waste removal A-Amigos has a solution to solve all your medical waste needs. For more on the types of commercial rubbish removal services we provide, click here

Rubbish Removal Services - Domestic


A Amigos rubbish removal services arrive at your doorstep with one phone call and load all junk into their specially devised containers and trucks. You do not have to make any physical efforts to lift or carry the junk. The A Amigos rubbish team does everything for you. After loading all rubbish into our rubbish truck, we also sweep up the area of which the rubbish was placed..

For all your household rubbish items such as building materials, furniture and electrical appliances as well as the removal of grass clippings and other green wastes, A-Amigos rubbish removal services can assist with in the removal of your domestic rubbish.

For more information on the types of household rubbish items we remove click here

Rubbish Removal Services - Commercial

A Amigos Rubbish removal services are also available for commercial premises. Offices, factories, warehouses, hotels, restaurants and shopping complexes can avail the service to keep their premises clean and clutter free. With timely disposal of junk, the recycling of different materials can also be done on time in an environmental friendly manner.

For the rubbish removal of commercial waste such as building materials, car parts, office furniture and other industrial waste removal
A-Amigos has a solution to solve your commercial environmental needs.

Be it home or office, hotel or mall, with a clean and junk free premises, you certainly enjoy more peace of mind and a more positively energised atmosphere.

Think! Recycle!

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A-Amigos Sydney Rubbish Removal Services provides a rubbish pick up service throughout Sydney. We offer rubbish removal services at low cost rates. We understand the financial pressures many families go through these days, that's why we offer budget rubbish removal services for all Sydney family homes and businesses.

We care about our environment.

A-Amigos - Sydney Rubbish Removal Services offer an efficient solution for daily waste removal. We also segregate the waste material in appropriate categories for effective disposal and possible recycling. These services seek to minimize landfills and assure that the areas where the waste ultimately reaches is also safe as much as possible.

In other words, care is taken to prevent the problems of ground water contamination and pollution of environment.ore


  • Waste Rubbish Removal
  • Household Rubbish Removal
  • Commercial Rubbish Removal
  • Furniture and Garden Waste
  • Deceased Estate Cleanup